Panorama – How Safe Is Your Hospital?

1 x 30' for BBC1December 2012
Commissioner: Tom Giles
Production Company: True North
With 3,000 avoidable deaths a year in Britain's hospitals, the future for patient safety in the NHS.

Chas & Dave – Last orders

1 x 60' for BBC4 October 2012
Commissioner: Adam Barker
Production Company: North One
The surprising history of Britain's best loved London musos.
"All round excellent film, which I really enjoyed and was proud to host on the channel" - Richard Klein

1951 Festival of Britain – A Brave New World

1 x 60' for BBC2September 2011
Commissioner: Adam Barker
Production Company: Proudfoot

Jon Venables – What Went Wrong?

1 x 50' for BBC1April 2011
Commissioner: Maxine Watson
Production Company: True North
The Bulger case and beyond

A Poet at War – Keith Douglas

1 x 60' for BBC4November 2010
Commissioner: Adam Barker
Production Company: Prospect
The turbulent and tragic story of Britain's finest poet of the Second World War.

Why did you kill my Dad?

1 x 60' for BBC2March 2010
Commissioner: Charlotte Moore
Production Company: Echofilm
Personal investigation into the problem of killings by the mentally ill.
Winner Factual Programme of the Year 2010 - RTS Yorkshire

Crimes that Shook the World – Chessboard Killer

1 x 47' for Discovery/Five June 2009
Production Company: IWC
Inside story of Moscow's worst serial killer since Stalin

Sacred Explorer – Jerusalem

1 x 43' for US Travel ChannelEaster 2008
Commissioner: Charlie Parsons
Production Company: Diverse
Uncovering ancient mysteries of Jerusalem with Dr Robert Beckford.

Brits behind Bars

10 x 30' for Bravo – Series Producer Director – April 2007
Commissioner: Olly Wilson
Production Company: Diverse
Can 10 days living and working alongside convicted felons in America's toughest jail scare 10 British bad lads straight?

Faith in Music – Tony Hadley and Spandau Ballet

48' for ITVSeptember 2006
Production Company: Chameleon
Pop biography of the Spandau frontman.

Young, Angry and Muslim – Dispatches

48' for C4October 2005
Commissioner: Kevin Sutcliffe
Production Company: Chameleon
The tensions between traditional Pakistani and modern British culture that drive some young Muslims to terrorism - with Navid Akhtar.

After the War – Conquering Germany

90' for BBC 2August 2005
Commissioner: Krishan Arora
Production Company: Diverse
Liberation, Looting and Prisoner abuse in post-war Germany.
Winner - Documentary of the Year 2006 - RTS Yorkshire; BANFF nominee

Back To The Front – Bangladesh

Two part series – Network ITV – August 2004
Commissioner: Jeff Anderson
Production Company: ITV
Civil War, genocide and the birth of Bangladesh. With Michael Nicholson.

D-Day – My Father's Story

30' for Network ITVJune 2004
Commissioner: Jeff Anderson
Production Company: ITV
With Michael Nicholson

Panorama - How Safe is your Hospital?
Chaz and Dave - Last Orders
1951 Festival Of Britain
Jon Venables - What went wrong?
Keith Douglas - War Poet
Why Did You Kill My Dad?
Crimes that shook the World - The Chessboard Killer
Brits Behind Bars
Young, Angry and Muslim
After the War - Conquering Germany
My Child Needs a Heart
SS in Britain
Love On The Run