An award-winning documentary film maker

An award-winning documentary film maker, Julian is an experienced Documentary Producer/Director with a solid track record of popular factual and documentary film-making.

He has particular strengths in story-telling, especially powerful human narratives with an emotional edge. He has spent time and effort learning his craft and his films have been well received by commissioners, the press, and viewers, and have generally punched well above their weight.

He has a proven track record for generating and developing practical and genuinely original documentary ideas for a wide variety of factual genres, and bringing them to successful conclusion on time and on budget.

He has extensive experience across a wide range of areas, from classical narrative documentary to more populist factual programming.

In current affairs he concentrates on investigative journalism and, amongst others, produced stories about terrorists, arms dealers, torture, chemical weapons and war criminals. In 2003 he uncovered a Nazi concentration camp guard living quietly in Wimbledon.

His indepth knowledge of modern history provided the foundation for several programmes including Conquering Germany, 'SS in Britain' and 'Old Soldiers' that required extensive use of international film archives.

Julian is particularly interested in Arts and Music and has substantial film-making experience overseas, often under very difficult circumstances. He thinks on his feet and uses his initiative as well as remaining deftly pragmatic. He's used to working with, and getting the best from, a wide range of crews and production teams of varying abilities and experience.

As many of his films have involved detailed investigations, he is very experienced in legal and compliance matters and has considerable knowledge of negotiating with lawyers.

Educated in London and Berlin
MA International History
BA (Hons) European Studies (First)

Languages German (fluent), French (working knowledge)

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